Join Tom in the dye studio to create your own exclusive colorway. How does it work? Before your zoom call, you will select:
  1. An appointment time and date
  2. A yarn base for the creation of your sample skein, so it can be prepped and ready to dye
  3. Select the type of dyeing process you want (this allows Tom to have the right setup at the beginning of your call)
    1. Tonal, overall kettle dyed (single or multi-colored)
    2. Hand painted with large sections of multiple colors
    3. Freckled and Speckled with small flecks of colors
  4. Include any notes that you think would help him prepare
    1. Colors, inspiration photos, final project, anything else…
During your video call:
  1. Tom will work with your input to turn a fresh, undyed skein into your exclusive, perfect color.
  2. You get to choose your colors and saturation levels.
  3. Tom will record the recipe for future orders you’d like to place.
  4. You can even name it if you’d like!
  5. By the end of the call, you will have a skein of yarn ready to be “cooked”.
Your yarn:
  1. Once the completed yarn has dried, usually 2-3 days, we will skein, label, and photograph your yarn for our records. Then it gets shipped to you.
  2. Your exact colorway is exclusive to you.  We will not sell it to anyone else.  We will provide you an exclusive code to reorder, and you are free to share that with any friends or family you’d like.
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